Baptist Twinning in Israel

Safeguarding policy

Trustees’ Safeguarding Policy, November 2019

Baptist Twinning in Israel (BTI) works almost entirely with churches, and the trustees of BTI care about the safeguarding of everyone who comes into contact with churches and partner organisations associated with the charity, particularly children, young people and adults at risk.

The trustees expect each associated church and partner organisation to have robust safeguarding policies in place and to act in line with those policies.

The trustees recognise that they have no power to enforce good practice in safeguarding upon associated churches and organisations, nor can they accept any responsibility for safeguarding in such as this is the responsibility of the leaders of those churches and organisations.

However, the trustees encourage associated churches and partner organisations to take safeguarding seriously and to put policies in place, referring them if need be to resources available on the Baptists Together website.

BTI trustees are expected to have a current DBS Certificate, to have completed safeguarding training, and to be members of churches with Baptists Together-approved safeguarding policies and practices in place. The trustees ensure that their safeguarding policy and practice is current and operating as effectively as possible through the requirement for those who are Baptist Ministers to be up to date with Baptists Together safeguarding training.

The trustees undertake to exercise proper care in the selection of any personnel working on their behalf with children, young people or adults at risk, which would be in the context of leading tours to Israel. This includes ensuring that DBS checks have been undertaken at an appropriate level.

All concerns and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by the trustees and their representatives and responded to appropriately. This may require referral to the relevant church or organisation in accordance with that church or organisation’s safeguarding policy. Or it may require a direct referral to adult or children’s services and in emergencies, the police.

The trustees will ensure that appropriate records are kept of safeguarding incidents reported to them, and these will be kept securely. The retention of these reports is covered by the trustees’ Data Protection Policy, available here.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the trustees and after any safeguarding incident.

Adopted by the Trustees 11th November 2019