Baptist Twinning in Israel

Visits to Israel

Sites and Living Stones Tours

tour groupOur ‘sites and living stones’ tours are led by our Chair of Trustees, Rev David Ronco.  These spend time visiting biblical sites and include meeting some of the believers, the living stones, in Nazareth, Cana and elsewhere  The tours in May 2013, November 2015 and May 2017 have been very popular. A brief report on the tour in November 2015 is available here and of the May 2017 visit here.  A further visit is anticipated for April 2019.  The tour brochure is available here, and information is available from Worldwide Christian Travel. *Bookings now closed for this group*

Pastors and Leaders Study Tours

Pastors visit, Stuart and SaleemA pastors and leaders study tour, led by Rev Stuart Davison, aims to include opportunities to meet local believers and church leaders; to participate in worship services, smaller groups and school assemblies; to visit theological colleges; and to see several key sites around Israel.

This tour was well received in October 2013.  A visit by four ABCI pastors to the SEBA pastors’ conference and some UK churches in February 2014 also went well. Stuart led a similar group of 10 on a visit in September 2016, which was very rewarding and varied with many opportunities to meet local believers, churches and see sights. More details are on the News page. A visit report on the October 2018 trip will be available soon.

A youth visit to Israel by a group from Ampthill Baptist Church to Shefa'amr in July 2016 was very encouraging and rewarding, and a report is available here. They have since been on repeat visits. Other churches are considering similar group visits to Israel/Palestine, as part of ongoing building up of relationships.

Why visit Israel?

Sea of GalileeA visit gives an opportunity to meet Baptist believers in Israel in their own context of the culture, churches, homes and towns.  It allows you to see at first hand historic places from Old and New Testaments, the settings in which Jesus lived and conducted his ministry.  It also gives an experience of a beautiful country, a hospitable people, in a troubled part of the world where to be a Christian is a very significant challenge. With reflection on all these in the light of Scripture, it also offers rich opportunity to deepen understanding of the Bible in the process.